The mission of the Friends is to support and promote the work and research that is done at the Semel Institute at UCLA. Our goals are to raise community awareness of the work of the Institute, to educate the public about mental and neurological disorders and through education to help erase the stigma that is attached to these illnesses.


The responsibilities of a Friends of the Semel Institute Board Member are:


1) To promote and uphold the Mission and Goals of the Friends


2) To promote our programs, encourage attendance and participate in our events whenever possible


3) To contribute names of people that you think would be interested in our work to our database. Growing our database and keeping it up to date is extremely important to the growth and success of our organization.


4) To be a representative of the Friends to the community by promoting the work of the Institute and the Friends and by encouraging contributions to our efforts.


5) To allow the use of one’s name and photograph in publications such as our brochure, website and newsletter.


6) To attend our monthly board meetings which take place on the first Tuesday of the month at 9:30 AM at the Semel Institute, 760 Westwood Plaza. Valet parking is available across the street from the Semel Institute at Ronald Reagan Hospital for $12. We understand that people have travel schedules and cannot always make every event or meeting but we ask that each member make their commitment to the Friends a priority.


7) Each board member is asked to serve on at least one committee. Our committees are as follows Development, Governance, Strategic Planning and Fundraising Events.


8) Board dues are $3500 per year, $1750 of which is payable by July 1st, the remainder payable before the end of the calendar year. Any contribution that you have made in the past calendar year can be applied toward the dues for your initial year of board membership.





Copyright 2016, The Friends of the Semel Institute